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Everyone has a vision—that guiding light toward which we drive our mission. 对一些人来说,这是私人的. For others, it's collaborative. We set personal goals, we navigate professional growth. Some run a marathon, others run an organization. In either case, we cross finish lines—be it 26.2 miles or a 2-year strategic plan, we are driven by our vision.


70 Years - Building Communities of Care

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Excellence in Building Communities of Care

自1995年以来, 七山基金 has been navigating the complex evolution of the delivery of integrated and sustainable Health and Human Service. The following pages chronicle the dynamic evolution that Seven Hills has undergone in the last seven decades.

七山基金 Annual Report

ar - 2023

As we reflect on Seven Hills’ accomplishments and highlights of 2022, we cannot help but ride the wave of anticipation into the future. As we are poised to celebrate the 70-year history of 七山基金 in 2023, it is prudent to assess our journey throughout the decades.

开门艺术 Annual Report


开门艺术 increases access, 参与, and representation by people with disabilities in the arts, strengthening our shared cultural community. 我们和学生一起工作, 教学艺术家, 教育工作者, and leaders of cultural institutions through innovative and inclusive programs, 合作伙伴关系, 和培训.

Towards A Culture of Access 2022 Report

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Towards a Culture of Access 2022 Report

It is with much gratitude and excitement that we share the TOWARDS A CULTURE OF ACCESS REPORT 2022 with findings from the Massachusetts Arts & Culture Access Survey conducted by 敞开的门艺术, an affiliate of 七山基金 in 2021-2022. 

The report contains valuable information to better understand where the arts and culture sector in Massachusetts stands regarding access to work, identifies present roadblocks, and provides insight about what may help break down these barriers. 



七山策略计划 2023-2025

自1995年以来, 每两年一次, 七山基金 undertakes a thorough analysis of its present position and future direction. The following goals and objectives represent the vision and hopes of 七山基金 & 子公司 for January 2023 - January 2025.



A Publication of the 七山家庭服务 Making 社区连接

Read about and sign-up for the 七山家庭服务 社区连接 sports, recreation & leisure programs and activities, including Special Olympics teams, as well as happenings at the Greater Lowell, 北Quabbin, 南谷, and North Central 家庭支援中心.



A Publication for 七山基金 子公司, Friends & 支持者

Welcome to this edition of HORIZONS, our sample of the remarkable work undertaken by our 4,600 Seven Hills staff and those patients, 客户, and students we serve every day.

Seven Hills Research Center

Seven Hills Research Center

七山基金 and 子公司 has a remarkable history of researching and forming best practices for the various populations we support. As a leader in the health and human services sector, our clinical and programs acumen is second to none. Our staff members are experts in their fields, in constant pursuit of professional development and creative strategies to optimally help those they serve.

Health Through Human Services Report

Health Through Human Services Report

供应商委员会, 麻省大学多纳休研究所, and UMass Dartmouth examine the major threats to the sustainability of the human services sector.



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